Michelle Mildenhall is an artist who creates unique, striking portraits in latex. Through her stylized imagery, Michelle seduces the viewer into a world of disconcerting beauty and mystique. By using popular but somewhat taboo themes of sexuality, fetishism and subversion, she creates work in which a fascination with the subject evolves.

Her latex art works are visually arresting and radiate an underlying element of sexual association, not just from the imagery, but also because of the connotations of the medium in which she creates her art. Each piece becomes defined and fetishized via its latex conceptualization. When worn latex compliments and reveals the female figure where as Michelle’s work, often depicting females, revealing them in less obvious ways to provoke a more evolved idea of sexuality.

The current series of portraits is a culmination of her exploration of the medium. Her work has developed around the limitations and nature of the material and every piece is made by hand and meticulously constructed by Michelle.

Michelle is continually adding to her series of portraits, not only in latex but also creating larger one off painted pieces, in her colourful pop art style. She She has exhibited in the UK, America and Germany.

Photo by Tony Mitchell Latex fashion torture garden.Picture 153Picture 31